My name is Ewa Ludwiczak and I am a professional artist based in Berlin, Germany.

I was born in Nowa Sol, Poland in 1988. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved to draw. During my school years I spent most of my time learning foreign languages and art history.

At the age of 19 I moved to Germany and started my studies at a private art school, where I was finally able to concentrate fully on improving my artistic skills. It was there that I learnt the importance of drawing which, in my case, became the key to understanding my subject matter and enabled me to explore different art genres, such as storybook illustration and watercolour painting.

I fell in love with watercolour shortly after graduating and have been experimenting with different methods to teach myself this difficult medium. Finally, I’ve discovered the books by Charles Reid and was fascinated by his philosophy and wonderful, loose style. I couldn’t have hoped for a better teacher to guide me through the process of watercolour painting.

It’s a joy and a privilege to be able to work as a professional artist. I am very excited to be given this opportunity and I am looking forward to continue learning and gathering experience on my way to becoming a better painter. 

  • contact :                  ewaludwi[at]gmail.com

26 thoughts on “ABOUT

    1. Heidi

      I am an visual art teacher with an affection for children’s books and illustrations. Your work is Phenomenal. I adore your images. Watercolor is something I wish I was more skilled in. Keep up your faith in what you do. I’m sure you’ll find interest in your work! Blessings…


    2. Your work is beautiful!

      Have you ever thought of writing a children’s book yourself and getting it crowd funded through something like Kickstarter?
      Alternatively you could find a writer through social media who you can collaborate with. Either way crowd funding seems like a great option for covering the publishing and print costs. At the very least you may get more exposure.

      I hope this helps and as always I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  1. makingbelieve

    Your artwork is awesome. I’m sure you will find some illustration work soon. A wonderful talent as yours cannot be ignored for long.
    Peter C

  2. Hi Ewa,

    I really enjoy your illustrations.
    My name is Katia Wish and I’m an illustrator as well.
    I don’t know if you are part of any illustration critique online.
    My friends from Illustration Academy and I started a critique forum online.

    Our main interest is book illustration, but if you have other interests/projects in addition to the book illustration, you are more than welcome to get it critiqued.

    Email me at katia@katiawish.com and I send you setup info. The forum is closed to the public, unless you sign up, you won’t see anything, so it’s a really good place to get a helpful and honest critique.

    If you know anyone who is interested, please invite them too.


  3. Łukasz H.

    Widzę, że jakaś Heidi się już tutaj wypowiedziała^^
    Ewa zawsze twierdziłem, że masz talent to oczywiste, w dodatku malujesz, rysujesz, szkicujesz już od dziecka napewno znajdziesz dobrą robotę, myślę, że to kwestia czasu aby Ciebie dostrzeżono i doceniono. Namalujesz obrazki do wielu popularnych książek dla dzieci a ja w przyszłości powiem do swojego dziecka czytając mu książkę do snu ” to moja koleżanka z dzieciństwa to małowała”:)
    Powodzenia Ewa !!!

  4. Diana B.

    Jestem wprost oczarowana. Niesamowity talent i pasja!
    Pozostaje iść w zaparte. Życzę wielu sukcesów i wiem, że wkrótce odnajdę książkę z Pani ilustracjami w księgarniach!

  5. If you look on Derwent Pencils on facebook one of their lastest comments is asking for illustrators to give their information for doing childrens books. . It was on there a few days ago. xxx Good luck

  6. hi.. you have amazing illustrations.. i like it!! i am an visual art teacher i have informal school at Indonesia our name school is “PICTURE ME,children and youth school of visual communication. i have been show your project to my students and they adore you.. success to you Ewa..

  7. Sierra T

    You have a lot of very lovely work! I was just wondering, what would you recommend I major in specifically for college to become a character designer and illustrator?

  8. Your work is so beautiful and I think nothing is more whimsical than children’s illustration in watercolor… beautiful work. Someone should commission you to illustrate the entire harry potter series..

  9. Rebecca Stanley

    Hi Ewa,
    You are such an amazing and talented artist! I hope you succeed in which ever way you are seeking. I am in Australia and though I may not be able to do much, I will help spread your work where I can.

  10. kandy28

    Your work is awesommeeeeee… And i really hope that it is recognized. I showed it to my dad and he was like.. the artist is amazing and must be pretty famous. Hats off to you.. best of luck for your future 🙂 prayers…may it be as beautiful as your work 🙂

  11. Teju Abiola

    I really love the figure work you are doing now! But I’m curious whether you still do the children’s illustration work. I’ve seen your more rendered tight work in the past; did you adopt the Charles Reid style into your illustration work as well?

  12. Uma Maheswar Nakka.

    Good Morning dear friend Ewa Ludwiczak
    It is really wonderful and astonishing to find you highly talented
    in teenage itself, Keep up the good job

    All The Best & Good Luck.

    Wishing you a Happy, prosperous, healthy, wealthy, successful,
    cheerful added with name and fame, safe and peaceful happy long life

    God bless you and my blessings to you.with blessings

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