Sketch Class Day 24

Yesterday’s life drawing poses were held for 13, 12, 10, 8 and 6 minutes.

Watercolour and pencil in my Saunders Waterford (rough) sketchbook, 28 x 38 cm

54 55

And here are a couple of details…

54detail1 54detail2 54detail3 55detail1 55detail2 55detail3 55detail4

I decided to post them here because recently I’ve been asked a lot about my procedure during sketch class… I hope that now it is easier to see that I use a pencil contour  drawing (a single line drawing) and then I immediately go in with some watercolour washes for hair and shadow shapes. Our life drawing class doesn’t have the best lighting so I often have to improvise.

It surprises me how many people continue to ask me to do a video tutorial or a blog post showing my step by step painting process. Many people don’t seem to realize how much effort, time and money I would have to invest in filming myself while painting. Instead of going through all that trouble, I’d really rather paint.

I am not a qualified teacher and it wouldn’t be right if I started doing tutorials, demonstrations or workshops at this moment of my life. Besides, as I always say, I am myself learning from Charles Reid’s books and dvds. I even use the same basic colours that he does.

If anyone would like to know how I work it would be best to learn from an experienced teacher and master painter. I didn’t invent any particular way of painting so it would be wrong for me to teach Mr. Reids methods.

I think what I am trying to say is that it wouldn’t really help anyone to see me paint. It wouldn’t change anything to watch yet another painting tutorial and know what exact colours I use because there is no shortcut. Everyone has to build their own experience, find their own favourite watercolour paper and their favourite colours. Because everyone is different. The only way to improve is to draw and paint every day 🙂


8 thoughts on “Sketch Class Day 24

  1. Agnès

    “When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears.” is a famous quotation, I would say many students are ready but obviously the teacher does not want to appear ……..

  2. Thanks for the extra photos, Ewa. You can see the pause spots in the drawing when you work out where to go next. Charles is a great teacher and artist. I am fortunate to have one of his paintings where he has painted me into the foreground. Kind regards.

    1. ewaludwi

      Thank you Ray!! I’m glad that the larger details are helpful. I think I will keep on posting them. And yes, I agree, Charles Reid is the best teacher I’ve ever had 🙂 I wish I could meet him in person!

  3. Harry Abbink

    Lovely work Ewa. I have just become familiar with Charles Reid’s work and with yours. My watercolour teacher has a similar style. I hope to improve on my own. I was just wondering however, what is this Sketch Class that you have been chronicling? Is it a formal class or are you just attending a drop-in everyday?

    1. ewaludwi

      Thank you for commenting Harry. I am attending a life drawing session once a week. They are held every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night and I can decide myself when I want to go. There is no teacher, just two men who are organizing the whole thing. I think next week will be the last session before the Summer break.

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