Sketch Class Day 1

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was my first day of sketch class! I’m going to be attending twice a week, probably Monday and Tuesday. I was super excited and a bit nervous and my hands were all shaky 🙂

We had a wonderful model but unfortunately I don’t know her name. The atmosphere was really great! There were so many people there and they all worked quietly on their sketches. There was some music playing and it helped me relax and concentrate. I sat at a table where I could put my palette, pencils and water container so it was quite comfortable too!

The most difficult thing for me was the fact that I was working in my sketchbook (Pink Pig with Bockingford paper DIN A3) and wasn’t sure how many poses to expect… I had covered a whole sheet of paper with sketches and needed to go to another page but the paint was still wet. Next time I’m going to be better prepared! All in all I’m happy I’ve bought such a large sketchbook and the Bockingford paper is very lovely. I hope the sketches will improve over time…

I’m already looking forward to tonight’s session!

The poses were held for 13, 12, 10 and 7 minutes.

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2 thoughts on “Sketch Class Day 1

  1. You have no idea my admiration for you. I takes hours on every drawing I do. There is no way that could capture the essence in so short a time like you have. Well done!

    1. ewaludwi

      Thanks Greg! I really appreciate your kind words. I normally like to take my time with my drawing too but life drawing forces you to hurry and concentrate on the gesture.

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