Figure Sketch

Hello lovely people,

I’ve been asked a lot lately whether I paint my figures from life or photo reference. Until now I haven’t been able to attend any sketch class and had to work with photos instead. I try to work quickly and not to copy and I also like to change the poses and faces a bit sometimes. I don’t think there is anything wrong with using photo reference, especially when one is still learning a particular medium… but I do agree that painting from life is a completely different experience. I used to draw from a life model a lot back at my art school but I would love to try sketching in watercolour.

I don’t know when exactly but probably in February I will FINALLY join a life drawing group and will do my best to bring you back some sketches 🙂

The figure below was painted in watercolour on Centenaire cold pressed paper, still using photo reference.



5 thoughts on “Figure Sketch

    1. ewaludwi

      Thanks Jeff! I’ve been waiting for the real life drawing and painting for a long time and I hope I will be able to sketch something worth showing and writing about 🙂 !

  1. David Alexander

    Hello Ewa – Nothing wrong with using photographs I use photographs of statues – because with white marble you can so easily see where the shadows are

    1. ewaludwi

      Hi David! Sometimes I think that working from photographs is like studying very hard and painting from life is the test… for me it’s a bit difficult to concentrate when I’m painting outside, with so much happening around me. The sketch class is also a bit stressful when working in watercolour but at least it provides a quiet atmosphere and good models 🙂

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