Fountain Pen Fairies

Some more Fairy doodles drawn quickly yesterday with my new  pen Parker Duofold with a broad nib 🙂

I’d never thought I would be using a B nib for drawing but I really really love it! Most of the thinner lines were drawn with the nib turned upside down and it also works fine.

The ink is J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche.



4 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Fairies

  1. I never knew Bleu Prevenche is so deep… Maybe I will try doodling with Lamy Turquoise and see if it’s as “neutral” on a wetter pen. Anyway, I know that Sailor makes a fountain pen with a nib bent outward (they all it “fude de mannen”) for 16 USD, it can creates different widths based on the angle you hold it, I think it will look really cool with your drawing skill!

    1. ewaludwi

      Thank you for commenting! I did’t expect Bleu Pervenche to be so saturated either, but I am very happy with it. The flow is really great too! Maybe someday I will try the fude de mannen but for now I am very happy with the Duofold 🙂

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